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according to a Business Insider article, Facebook chief of operations for Europe Julien Codorniou – connected to planned Facebook expansion to Russia – stated the following:

When I say Russia, I’m also including the Ukraine. Look at Wargaming, the most profitable gaming company of all time, it’s based in Minsk. You would not expect that. If you have one trip to make, go to Eastern Europe and Israel. This is where the next billion dollar companies will come from, I can tell you.

Although Wargaming stopped publishing its economical results, there are some estimates as to how much money Wargaming makes. According to the company SuperData’s information, these are the estimates of how much Wargaming made and will make in 2015.

According to the same company’s data, World of Tanks is currently in top 5 most profitable MMO’s worldwide (data in millions of USD, January 2014-September 2014):

Also, according to a company called Newzoo, World of Tanks is the second most played MMO in Europe and USA (data from October 2014, based on number of sessions):

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