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We thank you for correct behavior in World of Tanks and recall the constant the need to comply with Rules of the game .

Unfortunately, violations still occur in the battles World of Tanks. The administration of the game are constantly struggling with the offenders, and in this struggle to help themselves tankers. So, thanks to our joint efforts with you October more than 24 000 players held accountable for violating the rules of the game.

alert system disorders


warning system disorders – in-game functionality that allows directly in combat or its completion report foul play in any player. With this you can choose one of the ready-made options for complaints. In combat, you can complain to the offender by pressing Ctrl , the context menu of the icon of the corresponding user.

Thus, to avoid multiple frivolous complaints, there is a limit on their number – no more than 10 per day .

It should be remembered that every player who decides to use the system, receives a so-called “rating assistant.” Rating falls for false complaints, enhanced sound and does not change for the complaints that have not been processed . Assistants with a low rating may be punished or even completely disconnected from the system alerts about violations.

  • More about warning system disorders .
  • Remember: with unsportsmanlike and incorrect behavior in the game can and should be fought. Your complaint is valid makes the gameplay more comfortable for all participants.

    Contractual fights


    Contractual fights – it fights, the outcome of which is predetermined in advance, based on the collusion of the opposing sides.

    Organization treaty fights or participate in them – this is a serious breach of the rules. It will always be firmly suppressed the administration of the game.



    Another disorder that greatly affects the comfort of gameplay – botovodstvo, or use bot programs with which the user can accumulate credits and experience in the game without their direct involvement.

    Despite the apparent benefits, the use of bot programs entail very serious consequences. Responsibility for botovodstvo becoming serious.

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