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1. General Regulations of the third stage

1.1. The third stage of the Third campaign on the Global Map will be called “Fall of the Empire” * and will last from 12 to 20 December 2014.

1.2. In the stage can participate technique to X inclusive level.

1.3. Riots and looting included.

1.4. December 12, 9:00 (GMT) until 13 December 9:00 (GMT) is active “redivision of the world”:

  • All provinces are available for landing.
  • intelligence and counterintelligence included.
  • Riots disabled.
  • The maximum number of entries for the landing in the “division of the world” – 32.
  • If in the course of the tournament for landing a fight with the owner ends in a draw , the province passed into the possession of Clan-applicant.

1.5. “The redistribution of the world” ends on December 13th. After that, the rules come into force stage of “Fall of the Empire”:

  • Included riots.
  • Probability of riots increases.
  • The maximum number of applications for participation in the landing – 64 .
  • If in the course of the tournament for landing a fight with the owner of a draw, the province remains with the holder.

1.6. Last move third campaign will begin on December 20 at 8:00 am (GMT).

1.7. During the third campaign clan at any time can make the transition between the global map, or leave the card at all. At the same clan loses all his possessions on the map, which leaves. Points of Fame is not lost.

1.8. After the departure of all the chips in the clan, as well as the rate removed from the card and transferred to the reserve. Previous card chips and rate are available 24 hours. In reserve available chips can be set to any global map on the next move after removal.

2. The main objectives of the third phase

2.1. In the third stage clans can get bonus points to their glory in two main ways: by increasing the number of its provinces or fighting with clans that have more provinces.

2.2. Gameplay factor G (see. calculation formula ) in the third stage of the campaign depends on the number of possessions of the clan and the difference in the number of holdings warring clans.

G = 1 + ( N 1 + N 2 / N 1) × 0, 25

  • N1 – number of provinces owned by the clan (clan if there are no provinces, then N1 = 1)
  • N2 – number of provinces owned by an enemy clan ( if the enemy clan are no provinces, the N2 = 1).

2.3. The calculated coefficient G is rounded according to the rules of mathematical rounding to one decimal place.

2.4. Coefficient G is calculated depending on the situation that exists at the current course, before moving into the possession of the province of another clan.


Clan K1 has only province P1. K2 clan owns three provinces: P2, P3 and P4. K1 K2 clan attacked in the province of P2, defeated in battle and become the new owner of the province on the next move. On the current course of the province still owns the clan K2, so the multiplier points to glory will be calculated as follows:

  • clan K1 :

N1 = 1 , N2 = 3
= 1 + (1 + 3/1) × 0 25 = 1 + 4 × 0,25 = 2

  • clan K2:

N1 = 3, N2 = 1
G = 1 + (3 + 1/3) × 0.25 = 1 + 3.3 × 0.2 5 1 8

Thus, Points of Fame Clan K1 for this fight will be further multiplied by 2, and Points of Fame Clan K2 – 1.8.

3. Additional tasks of the third stage

3.1. “Invasion”: clan, defeat the enemy, owning three or more provinces, for this fight gets 10% more points of Fame (in calculation formula Z = 1,1).

3.2. With the first phase until the end of the third campaign players are available to perform the task of headers. Full list of rules and perform such tasks are given in General Regulations Third campaign.

3.3. In addition, all along the campaign can perform secondary and special tasks, the list of which is also published in Regulations .

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Fall of an Empire. Historical background

As a result of World War I ceased to exist four empires: Russian, German, Ottoman and Austro-Hungarian.

During the February Revolution of 1917 overthrew the monarchy in Russia . During the October Revolution of 1917 and the Civil War of 1918-1921 there was a total collapse of the state, on the territory of the former Russian Empire was formed to 80 short-lived states, by 1924 th most of this territory was united in the Soviet Union.

As a result, defeat Germany in the First World War it was occupied by the colony and later divided among the victorious powers. November 9, 1918 in Germany, started a revolution, which resulted in the monarchy was overthrown. The outcome of the November Revolution was the formation of the Weimar Republic.

defeat Turkey in the First World War and the occupation of Constantinople and Izmir led to the beginning of the Turkish national movement. Turkish War of Independence in 1919-1922 ended with the victory of the Turks. Under the terms of the peace treaty, Turkey lost control of Arabia, Egypt, Sudan, Tripolitania, Cyrenaica, Mesopotamia, Palestine, Transjordan, Lebanon and Syria, the islands in the Aegean Sea and other areas. November 1, 1922 the sultanate was abolished. October 29, 1923 Turkish Grand National Assembly announced the establishment of the Turkish Republic. March 3, 1924 was also abolished the caliphate.

In 1918, the economic crisis, the difficult situation at the front and the collapse of the neighboring Russian Empire gave rise to decay Austria-Hungary . 6 November Austria-Hungary ceased to exist and was proclaimed a republic. On the territory of the former empire, there were several new states: Czechoslovakia, Poland, the Republic of Austria Hungary. Other regions became part of Romania, Yugoslavia and Italy.


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