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Famous Tanks of Film and TV
2016-06-03 18:00:00 / News

M3 Lee – Sahara

Sahara was made at the height of World War II and features an M3 Lee, commanded by Humphre Bogart (ask your parents), fighting in the Libyan desert. The film substituted American equipment for German war machines, but regardless, Sahara enthralled audiences when it was first released. If you’re looking to re-create the exciting battles from this movie, we’d recommend loading up the M3 Lee and the “Mirage” map.

M4A3E8 – Fury

Wardaddy’s M4A3E8, “Fury,” rolled onto the silver screen in the 2014 film of the same name, and later into the battlefields of Blitz. While no longer available, it’s not uncommon to see a Fury or two in the game, but hopefully those players have better luck than Brad Pitt and the rest of his crew in the film (no spoilers).

M5A1 Stuart – Tank Girl

Known as a ’90s comic adaption that just wasn’t very good, Tank Girl was based on a comic by Alan Martin and Jamie Hewlett. The tank itself was awesome, though: a modified M5A1 Stuart with most of a 1969 Cadillac Eldorado welded to the hull. 

Pz. IV Anko Special – Girls und Panzer

Anime fans rejoiced when the Anko Special appeared in Blitz, while everyone else scratched their heads and wondered what the heck was Girls und Panzer. Soon joined by the opposing Kuro Mori Mine, fans were forced to make the choice: Japanese heavy tank or super-cool spaced armor?

T-34-85 – Rudy

Beloved by a generation across Eastern Europe and Russia, the Rudy appeared in the late ‘60s Polish TV show Four Tank-Men and A Dog. Despite its elements of Soviet propaganda during an era of complicated politics behind the Iron Curtain, it achieved considerable success and continues to be a favorite in Poland. Oh, and did we mention it featured a dog?

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