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Fan Video: A guide to “superiority”


preparing new videos, each of which may be found useful and fun facts, tips on playing technique and not only. Among them is a video on a historical theme. Enjoy!

Famous player Marakasi talks about the new game event “Excellence”, which is already available on the common test version 9.8. Learn in advance how to herein as “stoop”!

T-54 first prototype – this is the first premium average VIII tank level in a branch of Soviet tanks, the nation, and he appeared in the game not so long ago. Many players still do not know about its features. Watch the video!

Lovers Military stories to tell about the three cases where the Soviet tankers overcame the enemy mainly due to its reckless courage, resourcefulness and healthy military arrogance. Today – the history of heroism of the crew of the second lieutenant Stepan Horobets.

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