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Fan video: hard test drive for the “Object 260”


Finish the new fan -Video – the work of the players, devoted to various aspects of World of Tanks. Watch, learn, learn more, create your own video! Enjoy!

“Object 260 sample 1945” – the game elite Soviet heavy tank X level, and in the history of the early development of the car was known to us as the IS-7. Tank yet still being tested by the participants Supertesta, and here’s how it looks.

And another video, also dedicated to the “object 260”. The author calls his dream tank – no more, no less.

Soon Clans World of Tanks again shlestnutsya in fierce battles Third Campaign , and they will fight including the right to receive one of the special clan tanks: “Object 907” M60 and VK 72.01 (K) . What to choose? Next video will help you understand.

If you are firmly set out to get into the top 30 000 players – winners of the third campaign, but “Object 907” not your choice, you may want to pay attention to VK 72.01 (K ) . See the overview of Murazora.

And finally – a review of the T95E2, the average premium tank VIII level of development of the US lineup. As it will be available? Watch the video.

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