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do not doubt that you have already seen a lot in the fighting, but always there is a possibility, looking at video from experienced players, learn something new, once again surprised to admire the skill of the comrades, and then – to try to repeat. Enjoy!

When did you last see perfectly conducted by a fight in which the player would have shown exemplary decision-making? Here it is! Ideal achieved the American lightweight tank VIII level T49 .



Another remarkable fight – this time to the success of the Japanese came frisky “ten” STB-1 .

There were many discussions and grief when crowd favorite KV-1C some time ago touched “file” Developer … And he was on the fifth level, feels quite good!



Vspishka shows a spectacular fight on “Bulldog” and offers the audience to decide what methods could make the battle even steeper.

Replay, sent to the competition “Shield and Sword”, which Amway921 conducted in the group “VKontakte”. Distinguished “Object 263” .


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