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Fan Video: new precision


Again, the representatives of the gaming community will delight you with videos of game news, valuable tips, helpful reviews art. Enjoy!

Precision in World of Tanks – very subtle topic. Vspishka talks about how random battles will affect its changes in version 9.6 , and considers all classes of equipment.

The author of the next video focused on the change in accuracy for Jagdpanther II. He came to the conclusion that this change will touch more fights at long range and vytselivaniya vulnerable points on the middle distance.

Those who perform personal combat missions, often have difficulty with the last of them. Nikitos made a useful clip for heavy tanks.

Which tanks should be pumped in the first place? On what tanks to win the easiest? What machines make enemies tremble with fear? Top 20 most powerful tanks game version of Jove.

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