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Fan Video: taking the flag, or to fill Done?


Saturday is traditionally encouraged a fresh selection of videos on current topics . See shakes on mustache, argue, surprised, to make their own video game!

Online World of Tanks and only talks about a new game event “Excellence” with original gameplay. Notorious Vspishka prepared for you a detailed guide.

The opinion of the “superiority” and there Marakasi. Useful tips to help you avoid common mistakes when you play in this exciting event.

In this issue, “the developer’s reply”: images of new tanks and answers about editing techniques and very interesting information on the historical adviser Yuri Pasholoka – he will tell you what the tanks had planned to enter the game, and what else they can appear.

The 9.8 update veteran X level of IP-7 increased accuracy. How it will help win? See the following video!

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