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Fan video: tank, which all fear


Fresh videos, prepared by the players – it’s an opportunity to learn something new, to draw your attention to interesting tanks and get valuable advice. Enjoy!

He can get into the fight against tanks at two levels above themselves and still catch up on the enemy to fear. Overview of the formidable Soviet “nagibatorov” from AnTiNooB .

Already in the next update of the game – No. 9.7 – you will find a new card is dedicated to the Allied landing in Normandy. This large, spacious card with ample opportunities for maneuver. Take a look at its beaches and fortifications.

Watch the second part of the review of the 20 most powerful tanks game and choose the ones that will help you to win, to achieve the desired statistics and just have fun.

AMX Chasseur de chars – French average premium tank VIII level, which has recently received a lot of attention from the game community. Not passed by and a well-known Vspishka .

Demonstration great battle on the PT-ACS X level “Object 263” . Map “Highway”.

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