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Fan video: what goals to choose ACS


How to spend a day off? View a selection of new videos prepared by well-known players, and benefit from what he saw nuggets of wisdom to help you play better!

Some of artovodov aims at the “extras”, someone – in a big hulking tank enemy, someone blindly bombed become familiar bushes … Vspishka defines a real priority in the game at ACS – for those who win with the team.

These figures are cherished keeps in mind every player, even those who swears that plays only for fun . How to increase your winning percentage and generally bring in more good fights?

Think before you chetyrёhgusenichny legendary “Object 279”? And here and there. This is his father. Or mother. Or some other ancestor, in general – a completely different machine. Murazor tells about another miracle tankostroitelnoy thought.

your attention – incredibly steep battle on a heavy tank IS-7. Grandpa could!

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