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A selection of the most recent and popular versions is waiting for you in the materials prepared by the experienced players RU-region.

Links to files and guide Installation of mods can be found in the description of the video on YouTube.com.

  • Download all the latest fashions from the website Res-mods.ru .
Maud WG Stream

Modification WG Stream allows you to watch live broadcasts and the latest video game World of Tanks in the game client. Now there is no need to look all over the internet the interesting broadcast, all current video stream and you can watch from the comfort of the hangar. You can watch the game of the best tank, watch a variety of shows and win gold, taking part in the broadcast.

User-friendly interface allows you to select any material and choose the content for all tastes.

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  • Discuss modes can be here .

  • A selection of well-known players from the mods

    We draw your attention to special training video. In it, developers make recommendations on the use of game modifications (mods). Modes allow you to customize the game to a specific user, making the interface more attractive. It should be remembered that some modifications of the game client is prohibited. The list is in the corresponding branch official forum .

    Dear players, remember that all modifications, even officially permitted, you install on your own risk. In this regard, Wargaming team recommends that you keep a backup copy of the game client installed without mods.

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