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Fashion World of Tanks 0.9.9 of AntiNoob, adaptation to WoT 0.9.9

Games, is evil! And know this portal igry-zlo.ru
-Updated XVM
-Added Statistics for the session
Updated, white caterpillars
-Added A new label xn teams
Updated, fashion Zoom, ZumH and range
-Added Sight Server
-Added New mode helps shoot for preemption arte
-Added Damage panel
-Added Sights
-Added Modes at max. visibility
-Added An alternative XVM
-Melkie Changes and improvements
-Added Wot Tweaker
-Changed Design ustanovochnik
-Removed Large number of mods due to incompatibility
-Adaptatsiya Some mods for 0.9.8
-Improved Sights
Fixed a bug in the crash sight
-Updated Modes on white downed caterpillars
-Updated Events for medals in combat
-Updated Fashion to the detailed description of the skills and abilities
-Updated Fashion “bronyanya”
-Updated Modes on the display to the nearest enemy
-Updated Events on colored posts
-Updated Events to detailed descriptions of skills
-Updated Sights
-Updated Lot of mods
-Fixed Bugs
-Melkie Correction
-Added Full-fledged alternative to CHM for weak personal computers Player Rankings
-Improved Some sights
-Added Some mods from the usual 9.6
-Melkie Improvements and fixes
-Optimized Larger number of mods, in connection with the transition to the new version WG engine
-Mnozhestvennye Minor improvements

The process for setting
1. Download the file from the link MODpakom
2. Follow the instructions of the installer, selecting the appropriate mode (everything that is at the time of the installation folder res_mods.9.9 program folded into a separate folder)
3. Start the game as usual.


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