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Update 9.5 will introduce players to a new line of PT-ACS armed forces Her Majesty. One of the most interesting cars seems PT-ACS VIII level Charioteer. This article describes the characteristics of the machine, its strengths and weaknesses, as well as the most appropriate options for combat use.

Characteristic features of the machine

Cannon – perhaps the best at his level. Magnificent performance broneprobitiya, damage per minute, time information and accuracy makes it incredibly efficient.

Mobility – thanks to a top speed of 52 km / h and excellent value per ton of capacity mass Charioteer is very mobile hunter enemy tanks. The ability to quickly take a strategically important position at the beginning of the battle will be very valuable to your team.

Excellent broneprobitiya base of the projectile – average size broneprobitiya base shell 268 millimeters allows without too much difficulty to hit almost all the enemies on the battlefield.

APDS – as the base of the projectile used APDS, which was loved by many players for high-speed flight of the projectile.


HESH-bombs – as a premium ammunition HESH-used land mines with good indicator broneprobitiya 210 millimeters and the average damage output 480. These munitions are extremely effective against slabobronirovannoy art as a high-level battles taking into account the large number of PT-ACS with weak armor, and for battles in the top of the list of commands.

360 ° rotating tower – not quite typical for PT-ACS game time, but due to the high dynamics of the machine it will not be amiss.

weakly protected – PT-ACS saves only the mobility and small size, as the count on the armor is not necessary.

The speed of rotation of the tower – in view of the low speed rotation of the tower may be difficult in the near maneuverable combat. Therefore, the most feasible option gameplay will be to support the attacking groups allied equipment. Do not hesitate to hide behind allies: maintaining your car, you will greatly complicate the lives of opponents and will provide invaluable assistance teammates.

Not the best stabilization – just shoot on the move and at once after stopping unlikely to succeed. However, the rapid time information and use of amplification drive pickup can compensate for this deficiency.

A small number of points of strength – 1050 HP enough on average two or three shots from opponents of same level. High-level PT-ACS can destroy Charioteer with one shot. Therefore have to play very carefully, using all possible hiding and not risking unnecessarily.

Small ammunition – 30 shells can dry out well before the end of the battle. So do not lose your head in the heat of battle and closely monitor the expenditure of ammunition.

General description of the machine

A lot of players there are certain stereotypes on the use of PT-ACS: ambush action, shooting at the limit distance, waiting for the emergence of competitors in the field of fire, and for armored PT – support for allies in the attack or breakthrough self defense. Most of these scenarios can be implemented on this machine, but the distinctive features Charioteer expand the horizons of application technology far beyond that. Excellent dynamics and among the best weapon technology VIII level makes Charioteer explosive mixture of medium tank and PT-ACS capable of lightning move around the map and make a panic in the ranks of the contenders. Mobility and firepower – the main features of this machine.

Support for attacking a group or class an important point on the map – all this on the shoulder a favorite of Her Majesty.


Excellent one-time damage, excellent broneprobitie basic shell, excellent rate and availability HESH-105 bombs do mm AT Gun L7 one of the best tools for engineering VIII level. It can be considered the acme of perfection British gunsmiths 50s. In general, it is an instrument of the Charioteer makes a dangerous multi-purpose machine capable to solve tasks in a variety of ways as efficiently as possible.

tactical role on the battlefield

Support – symbiosis of driving characteristics of a medium tank and anti-tank firepower machines allow very effectively with attacking allied equipment. Depending on the terrain on which the battle should stay or second line (about 200 meters from the advanced machines), the most of the terrain or other shelter (reservation is not able to stop the tank shells art above the sixth level) or driving directly behind the Allied attack using them as cover. The average one-time loss of 390 units and a decent rate would be a significant enhancement of the attacking group.

Sniper – high accuracy and fast information in conjunction with breathtaking value broneprobitiya allow confidently hit almost all targets on the battlefield. If you prefer to fire from a distance, constantly teetering on the brink range review Charioteer’u fully able to provide such an opportunity. Thanks to the good performance visibility, with due luck and pumping the necessary skills of the crew car can become secretive “killer tanks.” PT-ACS is able to easily take a key position on the map at the beginning of the fight, which is one of the key moments in the gameplay long-range machines.

Crew Skills

On the whole range of skills and abilities of the crew aims to gain the maximum possible advantages of the machine. The only point of contention seems to choose between pumping skills repair and masking , depending on your preferred gameplay.

image “King of Madness”

special 1 skill 2 skill 3 skill
Commander image “The Sixth Sense” image “Repair” image “Eagle Eye”
Gunner image “Repair” image “Slight tower” image “Sniper”
The driver image “Repair” image “Smooth motion”
Charging image “Repair” image “Intuition” image “radio intercept”

Similarly, the choice of skills and knowledge, we offer a standard set of equipment. Enlightened optics and improved ventilation can be supplied on the basis of their own vision of gameplay machine.

  1. image Gun rammer
  2. image Heavy Duty pickup drives

  3. image enlightened optics or image Improved ventilation

Update 9.5 adds to the game one of the most interesting machines VIII level of all participants in the game. Diverse gameplay makes this PT-ACS attractive for a wide range of players. Support allies in melee or destruction of an opponent on the approaches to their own borders – the choice is yours. Despite the versatility of the PT-ACS, play it promises to be a very, very exciting.

The machine will be in demand not only in random battles, but also from the command fights, battles for the “fortified areas”, as well as in game events on the Global Map.

Meet: Favorite Her Majesty – PT-ACS 8th level Charioteer!

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