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Hi, tankers! On the eve of “Victory Day” and “Europe Day” to repeat its annual material. A more honest text of my feelings, I will not write.
Подвигу народа жить в веках
70 years ago ended the bloodiest war in human history. Since the beginning of the Great Patriotic War and the end of the Second World War, the Soviet people showed a lot of courage and heroism. Every citizen of the Soviet Union contributed to the defeat of the German invaders fashistckih. On many we know about all remember. Best hit the history books, the names of the other cities named streets, and thousands of thousands, have received various awards. For me, a descendant of the heroic people of that era just need to know the history of their ancestors.
Friends, recently, we have a unique opportunity to find information about their relatives and learn about their last battle. Is a unique service on the sites of the Ministry of Defense of Russia podvignaroda.ru and pamyat-naroda.ru help find war heroes by name, title or place a call . For every soldier, awarded medals, you will find documents confirming the award, the personal data of fighters and many more useful information.
A database where the archives of the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation gradually introduced details of all participants in the war who were awarded orders and medals (though only two medals – “For Bravery” and “For Service in Battle”). Already on the site information on over 12,600,000 ceremony.

That is what is important to me, not parades, fireworks and the rest under the rattle of May 9 and hanging wherever falling St. George ribbons.

I think that everyone should know about their ancestors! That’s what should honor the memory of those who died in the war, who lived to the end, who died of his wounds after her and those who restored the country after the war. It is amazing that such a huge deal made without the explicit publicity it deserves.

Come to the website podvignaroda.ru or pamyat-naroda.ru and learn about the heroic feat of our grandfathers!

The sergeant Bolzen

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