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Super Final Tournament World of Tanks players among the Central Asian countries will take place very soon! You will find a unforgettable sight of tank fights, and many different prizes!

For more information on the Open Championship of the Central Asia – 2015, see here .

What awaits guests

  • For everyone – tournament standings . Individual competition takes place without prior registration. Take part in it can be for free .
  • The grand prize for winning the individual competition – Dell Alienware gaming computer 17 “ [1,999,016].

And that’s not all. June 6, 2015 just for you:

  • Spectacular show matches of teams led by Dimitri LeBwa Palaschenko and Sergey Vspishka Karapetyan.
  • drawing of prizes in competitions on stage.
  • developer’s reply to questions from players.
  • The ability to play on the same team with Dmitry LeBwa Palaschenko and Sergey Vspishka Karapetyan.
  • A lot of activities for adults and children – the most demanding taste!
  • Gift shop.
  • Leading – Gleb Morozov (WG Radio) and Olga .
  • Admission free .

Finally, you expect a real “tank” show: teams from all over Central Asia will compete for The knowledge of the best in the region. Your comment will be fighting Sergei Vspishka Karapetyan.

When and where

The festival will be held June 6, 2015 at Almaty, Abay Ave., 44 (corner of ul. Baitursynov) Sports Palace Baluan Sholak. [1,999,004]

Beginning at 12:00 local time (UTC + 6) [1,999,004]

Competitions in social networks

During the tournament, the social networks will be held a special competition. Everyone who makes the photo with one of the developers and post a picture in a special album on group World of Tanks «VKontakte» during the week receive 500

Subscribe to our profile Instagram Take a picture of the event, place it in your profile with the hashtag #worldoftanks #almaty #wot_asia, show photos SMM-employee department directly at the event – and immediately get a bonus Code.

Sign up for our Twitter , make a tweet that illuminates the event with the hashtag #worldoftanks #almaty #wot_asia, show tweet employee SMM-card – and get a bonus code.

The prize fund

Team Ladder:


Partners event

Alienware – US-based manufacturer of computer hardware. Daughter by Dell. Alienware is mainly engaged in the assembly of personal computers (including laptops) from third-party components. Production is focused on the audience of players in computer games, demanding performance of the computer. The company’s products are used for graphics heavy applications such as video editing and audio simulation.

SteelSeries – the world’s leading manufacturer of gaming accessories, designed for
professional players.

HyperX – unit for the production of high-speed production of Kingston Technology. Releases memory devices for computers, servers and printers, and Flash memory products for PDAs, mobile phones, digital cameras and MP3-players.

GUNNAR Optiks – the world leader in the production of glasses for gamers. GUNNAR – a new look at your favorite game!

“Kaspersky Lab” – the world’s largest private company specializing in the development of software solutions for IT-security.

The technical partner of the event “Kazakhtelecom” JSC – a leading telecommunications operator of the Republic of Kazakhstan, providing a wide range of information services.

Energy Drink Red Bull (“Red Bull”). Specially developed for periods of increased mental and physical exertion. Invigorates the body and spirit.

(c) 2015 [1,999,274] World Of Tanks [1,999,276]

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