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Fight for Supremacy in Update 3.0
2016-07-22 20:00:00 / News

There’s a lot of new content and features in Update 3.0, but the all-new Supremacy mode may be the most exciting. Once Supremacy hit the battle queue, players will find themselves battling it out over multiple flags instead of one. This means that teamwork, coordination and speed will be doubly important to success!

Destroy Them All or Earn 1,000 Victory Points

Just like the regular Encounter mode you can chalk up a win by completely obliterating the other team, but earning 1,000 victory points will also ensure a win for your team. Successfully hold and capture bases to earn 3-5 victory points (depending on the map) every two seconds or destroy enemy vehicles to earn even more victory points!

Details Supremacy mode will be in the normal battle queue, but will not replace the standard battle mode. Each map will have three or four flags (Himmelsdorf and Canal will have four flags). The mode only appears for players using tanks Battle Tier VI or higher. Note that “Battle Tier” is different from tank tiers, but most tier V tanks should have access to the new mode. Capturing flags pays off — earning victory points by doing so will help earn you more XP at the end of the game!

Q&A Will the new mode be available in Training Rooms?

For Update 3.0, only regular Encounter battles will be available in Training Rooms. We plan to add tSupremacy mode to Training Rooms in the future.

Can I disable Supremacy mode?

Yep! If you don’t like it, you can disable it in the “Other” tab in Settings.

Can Platoons play together in Supremacy mode?

Yes, they can. However, if you’re trying to avoid playing the new mode with your platoonmate, you’ll have to make sure you both have it disabled in your Settings.

Will there be any new awards for Supremacy mode?

There won’t be any additional awards added in Update 3.0. Furthermore, Supremacy battles won’t grant  “Defender,” “Invader,” “Raider,” “Lavrinenko’s Medal,” or “Leclerc’s Medal.” In the future, Supremacy mode might receive its own medals.

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