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Final Gold Series. Videodaydzhest

Hi friends !

Here is a selection of the main video, which we have prepared for the time of the final Wargaming.net League in Minsk and beyond.

The most recent – the top five moments of the tournament! Hardly anyone would argue about the best episodes in our collection.

Top 5

Behind the scenes

not only on the stage was hot and interesting. For two days, Staff correspondent Alena gave all his smile and talent has caught all the funny moments backstage.

Game moments

A detailed analysis of gaming moments of the tournament is shown below. First day: WP.SC6 sensational smash last season’s Champions WGL HellRaisers and world champions Na`Vi .

Second day: Na`Vi remind all to ourselves, who are considered the strongest team in the world at the just a moment.

Entries matches

On snack – all tournament matches . Click on the button and see!

Match 1: HR vs WP.TYL

Match 2: Na`Vi vs WP.SC6

Match 3: WP.SC6 vs HR

Match 4 : Na`Vi vs WP.TYL

Match 5: HR vs Na`Vi

Final: Na`Vi vs WP.SC6

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