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This very soon to be launched separate general test of the new physics of motion of the tank.

With the introduction of new physics the game will be carried out calculations of the physical model of the tank (its gearbox is calculated inertia of the engine, and more).

The main features of the new physics of motion:

Features of the suspension:
  • Suspension will be slight unevenness of the landscape (the fovea, rails, curbs / curbs) without loss in speed;
  • On landing, with uniform distribution of the load on both tracks and at a sufficient rate, tanks will be able to jump ditches, potholes, etc.;
  • When braking increases slightly negative angle of declination tank gun – this is due to the slight inclination of the body due to the operation of the suspension;
Improve handling of the tank in motion:
  • Turns became smoother;
  • Rose control turning radius – easier to tighten on the required number of degrees;
New maneuvers tanks with the use of the handbrake:
  • When you dial the required speed, turn with the handbrake leads to a sharp change in the trajectory of motion (“police turn”)
  • whipsawed with reversing – using the handbrake at a turn back turn rate increased significantly;
  • ability to control the radius cornering – the use of the handbrake makes it easier to enter into a turn;
Interaction tanks in the collision:
  • Ability to turn the enemy tank in a collision, if certain conditions are met (the mass difference, enough power tank, traction, etc.)
  • likely to encounter the enemy tank with a vertical surface (bridge, mountains, etc.) with its revolution;
interacts with the surface:
  • Increased influence of soils on the behavior of the tank while driving;
  • New graphical effect “slip.”
Other changes:
  • Feeling weight of the tank and “Tank” behavior;
  • Arrivals at avoidable visual objects on the map.
As part of the testing will be available for players 10 game cards, and 15 tanks. A test version will be based on the patch 9.2.

Open test physics starts tomorrow 27.02.2015

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