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Fort Despair's Overhaul
2017-07-13 17:00:00 / News


On the new Fort Despair, much of the volume and placement of vegetation was changed. In some places, the number of bushes became fewer; in others, thicker, and much of it placed at positions that are more convenient. For example, it’s now easier to hide on the hill near the base.

Bushes are now more symmetrical, which lends to making things fairer for both teams.

The field hospital and tent camp moved away from the firefights to a more peaceful location. Now there are fewer tents and trucks on the map, especially at the center, and at base “A” in Supremacy mode.

These are the major changes — others include a modified heavy tank alley, altered heights for destroyed fort walls, and a bit more brushing-up.

The Fort Looks More Like a Fort!

The biggest stone fortification in the center of the map, Fort Despair herself, got a little taller and gloomier. Take a look at the half-decayed flags on its walls — you can imagine the rich lord living here, locked in a constant struggle for the land.

The appearance of minor constructions changed, too: some whitewash still remains on the walls, some of the buildings became less ruined, while others were totally leveled.

Check out the screens below, and prepare for battle on the new Fort Despair!

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