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Hello everyone,

want free 1000 gold? Well, I guess so, but you know everything comes with a price tag. Basically, you have to download random crap you don’t need Overwolf software to your computer.

Here’s how to do it, courtesy of Vonnis (EU forums):

– Go to http://www.overwolf.com/ , download the program and register (you can use a Mailinator address for this if you want), and start up Overwolf.
– Open WoT and log into your account.
– Move your mouse to the left to open the Overwolf overlay, click the colourful icon that says Appstore, then go to Games => Giveaways => WoT giveaway.
– A countdown will now start. Leave WoT running for an hour, and you’ll get a bonus code. Redeem it on WoT portal.

The fact this is legit was confirmed by WG staff. I think I’ll pass, but if you want “free” 1k gold, go ahead.

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