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Hello everyone,

the Russians are celebrating the Defender of the Fatherland Day and to commemorate this event, apart from a video with girls in uniforms, Wargaming prepared a special mechanism – converting the free XP to crew XP!

Okay, the video first.


Basically, it’s really simple – you can convert your free XP to crew XP (to one specific crewmber) for free – using the ratio of 1 free XP point for 5 crew XP points. Every tanker’s profile has this one button, that serves this very purpose

And the EU/US server? Well… you know the answer to that, don’t you :P

Okay, to be completely honest: it would make no sense not to introduce this mechanism to EU and US as well, so we’ll prolly get it eventually too – I have little faith in WG EU, but these decisions are usually taken in Minsk. Other than that, the event is pretty awesome too (Russians are going all out this year with the 70th anniversary of the end of the war) – it includes:

– x5 for first victory
– x2 crew XP (for tier 4-10 vehicles)
– 15 percent discount on all tier 8-10
– 15 percent discount on tier 8 premium tanks, 30 percent on tier 6-7 and 50 percent on tier 2-5
– 50 percent discount on equipment
– 50 percent discount on premium shells
– 25 percent discount on consumables (50 percent for gold ones)
– 25 percent discount on crew retraining (50 percent if you use gold)
– 25 percent discount on skill reset (50 percent if you use gold)
– 90 percent discount on changing crewmember names and faces

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