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[1,999,002] Французский багет AMX-30 и AMX-30b [1,999,004]
update 9.7 brought our game a welcome alternative branch of French medium tanks, consisting of only two cars – IX level AMX 30 1er prototype and X level AMX 30 B . These tanks are still in the phase of the total test provoked mixed feelings among the best players, but no one was indifferent to them. And there are plenty of reasons to pump out and try them in the case.

AMX 30 1er prototype

This tank with a large round tower immediately attracts attention for its unusual appearance. His research tree depressing – to drain the tower will have to fight for a long time, and pumping all the modules have to spend hundreds of thousands of experience points. And what did we get on this difficult path to topu?

Only by looking at the characteristics of the AMX 30, once you understand – it is quite dynamic and maneuverable tank weapon with a comfortable and almost without reservation. Such a typical medium tank, much like a long time
present in our game Leopard PT A and Type 61. Although, of course, it has its own individual characteristics.

His way begins with a tank weapon VII level of 90 mm F3, which first appeared on more severe
tank level VI ARL 44. And if the average level is a good option for the AMX 30 it is not enough – at relatively low penetration instrument base shell (170 mm) and a low one-time hit. So we have quite often used piercing projectiles breaks the 248 mm.

Next weapon – a solid 100 mm SA47 VIII level breaks the 232 mm, which is the top at the AMX 50 100. It is more convenient and not too often require the use of piercing projectiles.

Finally, a top tank weapon – 105 mm mle. F1 X level which then goes and
on the AMX 30 B. This is really powerful and convenient weapon breaks the shell base (and it is here Subcaliber) 260 mm and goldovym cumulative – all 320 mm.
Masthead instrument most comfortable in terms of fire, he has high accuracy, acceptable stabilization and atypically low for the French time information. However, it was not without a spoon of tar: Stock predtopovoe weapon and have UVN + 20 / -6 degrees and a top gun leaning only 5 degrees. It is sometimes spoils the game, not allowing full use of the terrain and secretly do damage.

In general, AMX 30 has a pretty powerful weapons, which will give odds to many “classmates” and even tanks to a higher level. However, the path to the top will be accompanied by suffering and high costs of a premium projectiles, or a free experience.

armor protection .
But even here to talk about – just a few places the thickness of the hull and turret armor is 80 mm. So the tank breaks everywhere and almost all met in battle opponents. And only occasionally, by good fortune or by the will of the FBG ricochet and no penetration. So the armor is better not to hope, and to play on other benefits – the instruments and dynamics.

Due to its armor this tank surely rise to a number of the goals, which opponents will be happy to charge high-explosive shells. A particularly favorite target AMX will have 30 self-propelled guns.

dynamics and agility.
This is one of the advantages of the tank. The total weight of the tank more than 33 tons, with a power of 720 hp engine It provides power-about 22 hp / tonne. What does this mean? And the fact that the tank is quite dynamic and agile, he can accelerate as much as 65 km / h and outperforms most of the cars in our game.

However, its chassis is making adjustments and its hidden variables – soil resistance. Therefore tank reluctant accelerates slowly gaining its maximum speed. However, the agility, the tank is good, he playfully turns on the spot and can, if desired, as a “classic” PT screw heavier and unwieldy machine.

Interestingly, tank feels good way to drain , it has a slightly larger earth resistance than the top-end, but during the game it is almost not felt. The only thing that upsets in the sink running – its low capacity, due to which it is impossible to immediately put a top gun.


  • weapon powerful and comfortable;
  • good momentum;
  • Indifference to the level of combat;
  • Suitable dynamic characteristics of the effluent.

Particular note must be the advantage that the crew, as well as its high-
fellow) can be fully transplanted to a new premiumnyh tanks AMX CDC, which greatly facilitates the decision on uniform pumping perks. With the French drum tops having a crew of six people, this trick will not work.


  • Long way to the top-end configuration;
  • weak armor;
  • not always a top gun declination angles;
  • unadapted to action at the point of attack.


How to play?
Playing AMX 30 very comfortable and enjoyable. This is probably one of the few tanks that feels equally good in a fight at any level. The reason – a combination of good tools and a lack of armor. It makes no difference who you shoot – it still leaves a hole in the armor!

AMX 30 – a typical representative of the tank or tanks to support the second line. Thanks to good UVN on many maps you can play on the relief, although effective action from the hills to be not always – after all, a tool to bend down only 5 degrees. It helps low silhouette, this parameter tank wins the same E 50.

action at the point of attack points are fraught with rapid loss of strength and sudden exit into the hangar. Therefore, it makes sense to stay away from the enemy, and the choice of equipment and crew perks better to opt for the accuracy and rate of fire. This is achieved by setting the gun loading rod, stabilizer and vertical clamp fan and crew perk second or third (after skills to repair and “core” perks) justified deflate “Combat Brotherhood”.

The result?
AMX 30 – more than an interesting machine, which will especially enjoy the “core” ST-waters. Yes, it lacks armor, but it is consistent with the history of European tank design, and has become a tradition for new tanks in our game. And it does not prevent the experienced players to get high on the tank
results and enjoying every battle.

AMX 30 B

In our game, most of the cars, facing each other in the same branch development are serious differences, and in some cases are not even remotely similar to each other (remember even Tortois and FV215b (183). In the case of the AMX 30 1er prototype and AMX 30 is not so – it’s two brothers, one a little more than a tall, strong and skilled. This has its advantages and disadvantages.

The advantage of this situation lies in the fact that the tankers will be very easy to move from machine to machine level IX X level, just learn it and learn how to play effectively. A drawback becomes apparent after reading the top-end performance cars: the tank has inherited from the prototype, and all his “childhood diseases” that are fighting a higher level appear more clearly.


The tank is the same weapon 105 mm mle. F1, but its performance by installing
in another tower somewhat improved. In particular, it has a higher accuracy (not enough – it is one of the best in the game), reduced time information (up to 2.1 seconds), and increased to 8 degrees declination angles. This adds comfort and makes the game more enjoyable.

armor protection.
There is almost no change – the thickness of armor does not exceed 80 mm in the same tower in the forehead and body.
However, the tower is proving to be stronger and more rebound than a prototype – sometimes from her bounce and large-caliber ammunition. Though it is better not to risk it and do not expose the tower – not only that it is huge, so even her considerable size and commander tower! So the game from the tower, and relief does not always bring the expected result.

dynamics and agility.
Characteristics of the chassis of the tank is better than its predecessor, but it does not subjectively felt – the tanks are equally dynamic and maneuverable.

TTX Tank

The result?
In general, AMX 30 B – an interesting machine, you will appreciate the fans of medium tanks. He is comfortable in the game, allows you to achieve good results, and just have fun. However, the tank and at the same time is difficult – not all players are able to competently WoT not act on fast armored tank surrounded by armored monsters with a huge one-time damage.


fly in the ointment
The time has come to add a spoon of tar in this big barrel of honey.
Of course it is interesting tanks, which the French branch of diversified, diluting its “drummers”. Perhaps it is in this diversity lies the main reason for introducing
a new branch, because the concept of “fast tank without armor with a good instrument” has long been implemented in both the “Leopard” and top Japanese. And the fact of the new top-end French are repetition
they bring to the game without a significant number of changes in quality.

The disadvantage of both tanks are not so obvious, but essential – their pumping requires much costly effort, time and nerves, than even the Japanese STB-1 to its midrange “Cactus”. Few
players can easily pass the way to Loraine 40t. And here we must sooooo long to go on.

, however, to draw conclusions and to grieve in advance is not necessary – it is necessary to obtain both the tank in the hangar, to try them in person and evaluate the power of the French in HD-quality.

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Author: Anton Malyutin

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