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Update 9.7 was the biggest in 2015 – among other things it has brought into our game once seven new tanks of the French branch of development (let us recall that the previous major update 9.5 came out as the curtain fell in 2014, it was marked by the two branches of the British tanks). Two top medium tank immediately attracted the attention of players, “sand” Machine II – V levels remained virtually unnoticed. We hasten to correct this situation and to present you an overview of the new French “sandbox”.

General view of the new low-level tanks France

In total, the game was introduced five new low-level tanks

Moreover, new tanks were partially integrated into the existing branches of light and medium tanks in France and made a partial branch. Thus, the new FCM 36 stood at the beginning of the existing branches LT / ST, which is quite logical – now followed by AMX 38 similar in design and gameplay. Being here before Hotchkiss H35 was placed in the beginning of a new part-time branch, which includes Somua S35, SARL 42 and Renault G1 (which then becomes a branch of heavy tanks to ARL 44). And poor old Renault R35 had no place in any branch, so it exists in splendid isolation in their own “branch” and goes on AMX 38.

[1,999,007] In such an arrangement has its advantages and disadvantages, which say in the conclusion of the review . And now look at the details of each of the kids.

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