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Soon will be released update 9.4 which will bring us, among other things, significant changes in the “Team Deathmatch” .

make an effort regime even more interesting, the developers take into account the views of experienced players. Best tankers were directly involved in the testing of all innovations.

What awaits us all?

The total number of cards in the new regime will increase to 10, the overall level of technology will be increased to 54 points that will give ability to use more powerful machine instead of two tanks of the first level. This will expand the choices of compositions that are available for use in team battles.

The most important step – is the transition to the format “ Attack / Defense” with two bases, which will make the fights more dynamic and interesting!

The most important step – is the transition to the format “ Attack / Defense” with two bases. This will make the fights more dynamic and interesting!

Looking at the name of the format, you might think that the task of one of the teams is to create a defensive near the base and banal Pending rival. This is absolutely not the case: in the updated team battles everything will be different. Having two databases reduces the effectiveness of passive defensive operations to zero, as the defending team will either have to concentrate all its forces near one of the bases, or divided into two groups, thereby jeopardized meet with the superior forces of the enemy. Therefore, the most effective option of fighting for the defending team will focus on the destruction of enemy tanks.

The main objective of the attacking team – to capture one of the enemy bases, or, again, to destroy all the equipment of the opposing team. It would seem that everything is standard and familiar, but worth the attacking team to take the capture as an instantaneous transformation: the main purpose is to protect the attacking tanks that are in range of the base, and the defending side rushes to the attack with a view to bring down the grip.

Read more about the changes you can read in the This news .

We asked various people involved in the game, to share thoughts on innovation.

Vadim Nefedov


Game designer of Wargaming.

One of the authors of the

“Team Deathmatch”.

Our development team is very actively involved in team battles. The entire department played a lot in the test period, and after the launch of the regime. In it can be fun to “drive a tank” and thus truly count on your team, this is its favorable contrast to the random battles.

We attract experienced players to test the balance. Task was to give users a ready-proven solution, and with a high level of play all the defects are seen better. It is with regard to their opinions and to make changes.

Unfortunately, the old format was not designed for players with voice communication, at the same level of skill organized defense was effective attacks, and the advantage receive passive team! This is fundamentally not suit us, because the team battle – is competition in teamwork and tactics, but not the ability to wait. After much experimentation, we found the optimal solution: enter attack mode and defense with two bases (one base gave the defenders advantage.)

Location of two databases creates a completely new picture of battle, and passive team will now be in a less favorable conditions. In fact, here it is necessary to attack both opponents. One need to capture the base, the other – to put pressure on the team attacking the base. It is unusual, but after adapting to the new rules, players will be able to estimate the true innovations.

We wanted to make team fights more interesting for all participants in the game, and the game is on the first level of the tanks was unpopular. Proven by the fact that a large number of the team consisted of five people, giving an advantage to opponents, confront them at full strength. The new format will allow all players to participate actively in the fight.

We liked what happened in the end. I hope you enjoy it and!

I was directly involved in the tests of the new regime and I can say that all the changes went only benefit.

The most important thing in a new format – this is that one team in any case you need to attack and the other defend. If earlier it was easier to defend, but now will have to defend two bases, and it is much more difficult. Also, instead of “Fireflies” first level will be more powerful tanks, it is guaranteed to add entertainment. Personally, I think that playing in team battles would be much more fun!

Composition in team fights should be dynamic. The first thing that I would take it two M41 Walker Bulldog VII level and AMX 13 90 , and they can take one Ru 251 and T 49 . To give solidity most suitable two heavy Soviet tanks IS-3 . The last one can take AMX 50 100 , it deals a lot of damage and also it is suitable for all the cards.

Total my universal composition: two M41 Walker Bulldog AMX 13 90 T 49 AMX 50 100 and two IS-3 .

From the available cards seem to me the most interesting “Cliff” , ” Prokhorovka “ and ” Himmelsdorf “. I hope that over time, add a very good card “Mine” and “Ensk” !





Anatoly Barracks


A player Na`Vi.

Title Wargaming.net League Gold Series .


Dmitry Dmitriev


Title “Formula WoT .

Earlier, I noticed it was a problem in cyber component mode. If conventional tankers play games more or less openly, that most of the teams in the tournament goes back to defense, and entertainment such battles significantly reduced. I think this can be changed with the arrival of a new battle command.

Initially, the new regime inexperienced players may have difficulties with the choice of technology. You can not know where will enter – on the defensive or offensive side. Now you will need to move a lot and do not separate from the team. It seems to be a universal composition – a quick composition, but to properly enjoy the benefits of fast technology, you need experience. Therefore I would advise beginners gain proficiency in team battles on heavy machinery, and with the growth experience of transition to a more dynamic. In general, the whole format – a definite challenge to the skills of any soldiers.

Prior to the release of a new update 9.4 and battle command remains very little time. Tankers are waiting changed lineups, new tactics and fresh impressions from your favorite games.

Stay tuned!

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