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Hello everyone,

it’s time for weekly contributor review. This time, following people donated via Paypal:

Johan M. (Sweden)
Daniel A. T. (Romania)
Ciliaris (Norway)
Glenn W. (New Zealand)
R.Z. (name redacted at the request of the contributor, Israel) – thank you for a very large contribution, much appreciated! :)
Radek M. (Czech Republic)

Thank you, guys. I really appreciate it.

Now, for the Patreon cycle:

Out of the 593,59 USD pledged at the point of the cycle activation:

– 520,10 USD came in successfully (the rest didn’t go through for some reason on the contributor side, insufficient funds on account etc.)
– out of 520,10 USD, after the Patreon and CC fees and all that, 469,88 USD were left for FTR – much appreciated! The list of contributors can be viewed here. Once again, huge thanks for the support to all of you :)

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