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Hello everyone,

it’s the weekly FTR technical post and contributor review, but first – a few things on my mind: a bunch of guys sent me some invite codes. I’ve been distributing them mostly on PM/mail basis, whoever asked. Currently, I have none (so no need to ask for them via e-mail) and the demand is always bigger than what I have. Sorry, doing my best. Thank you guys who sent me the invite codes – Sadomasticator, Koval85, Lazyjustice, Jasiek2112 and others.

I am sorry if I forgot someone, but I got buried under an avalanche of e-mails lately. With 60-70 emails per day, peaking at 200 (usually connected with some issues in the game – I mean, I do try to help you guys, but sometimes I do feel like WG official support service :), I am hopelessly behind and some mails I just can’t answer at all, there’s no time. Everything got also complicated by the end of the year as usual, I got so much things to finish that I kept postponing several things I was working on, specifically the AW FTR (yes, it’s still planned, but my priority in previous weeks was working on the Czech branch, now that there finally are some results to that). Same goes for various other emails, people sending me stuff to read, to watch and to post… sorry guys, really doing my best, but my day just has 24 hours like everyone else’s :(

Second thing – the comments. After seeing the amount of stupid and aggressive shit under the “artillery” article, I decided I’d be much stricter on rude comments. I am talking specifically to you, Medjed and a bunch of others – you’ve been around for a long time, enough NOT to go mental whenever arty is mentioned. The future of FTR for 2015 is not clear at this point – I am notoriously indecisive when it comes to this, because I am just SO tired of it sometimes, so it really can be anything between dropping it completely and going “professional” (whatever that means). One thing is for sure though – should FTR be extended (to AW for example, separate FTR AW is and always will be only a temporary solution), I will probably be forced to review the comments policy altogether. Dunno, we’ll see. I hate taking steps like that. The first one will be (or rather is) RO banning all the accounts, using all the “temporary” one minute emails for registration. Sorry, no sharklasers for you. After reviewing the history of comments coming from accounts registered with these mails – well, as you can imagine, most are trolls (strangely enough, there’s not a whole lot of them, maybe 300-400 accounts, including the double- and triple-alts of some people here). This change will be implemented on next FTR system update.

Well, that’s about it. See you next Sunday or so for the pre-Christmas review. In any case – to honor the contributors, who donated this week via Paypal:

Simon S. (Sweden) – large donation, much appreciated, mate
Radek M. (Czech Republic)
Marvin H. (Texas, United States) – thanks for repeated contributions, mate, much appreciated

Thank you all!

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