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Not long ago, players were given the opportunity to get another Freestuff tank. This time, too heavy. Your attention is a promotional British heavy tank FV201 or A45.

After failing to STA-2 and Panther 8.8, players look at the tank in disbelief and wonder: Is it worth the time and effort to the tank? In this article we will try to uncover your eyes to this unit and then you may change your mind about him, contrary to gossip about his sadness.

FV201 (A45). Стоит ли?
The first thing that catches the eye, so it’s similarity with fellow Caernarvon`om, which is located on the 8-level branch development. Differences in the booking is not very large and, despite the fact that the PV is at level 7. Yes, we have a full level of fighting, that is, we will be just across the butt again and nines, but prilovchilis to him, and you, of course, will not go directly to the giant turtle E75 or T95.

proceed directly to its characteristics and start of course with weapon .

punched in 171 mm to 7 level enough to some extent will be, but what to do with levels of 8 and 9? Done boast our marathon is also not particularly and perhaps 150 damage with a rate of 14 rounds per minute, and we can award the title of “Honorary punch”, so to spite the enemy, firing every 4.5 seconds is not difficult. The angle is 8 degrees down, which is quite acceptable impact on the hilly landscape.

FV201 (A45). Стоит ли?
with accuracy and speed as the information would be nice, in some way, even excellent. The information in 2.21 seconds pleases the eye, it’s cord, and for him this accuracy is very, very welcome. Accuracy 0.37 also does not make you nervous because of the frequent misses, unless of course you do not want to compete with these snipers, like a panther with her fishing pole. But in general, as a tool for syak – shoot will be, and that’s how, depends on you.

Reservation tank in figures possible and beat the competition, but in fact it turns out that a tank for its level is not so strong. VFD and the NLD on 76 mm angle 40-45 degrees privedenke give about 120-130 mm in the VFD. With backsheet things sadder.

FV201 (A45). Стоит ли?
Forehead tower is protected by a mask of 152 mm, and the tower itself has 152 front and 120 mm. Machine gun turret on the left on the body has as many as 120 mm, so that playing at low levels, especially in the breaking of the turret from the middle distances have no hope. Armor sides of 50 mm, and attracts an enemy land mine, and food and even more so. There is a tank, in addition to the mask tools, screens on the tracks. But they cover only half of the thickness of 6 mm in any way to save a tank of penetration, except of course is cumulative, that is on any screen to stop their work.

In the end will touch strength of the tank record 1500 x will be enough to tip for the shootings or save the arts from entering and leaving a few xn with further opportunity for revenge.

Maximum speed tank probably not be able to boast as 31 km / h enough for dynamic change of position between the flanks. The speed of rotation of the running 28 deg / sec, like a little, and like and cord that truth can not spin faster on the site. As a result, the rate we will not get the AMX 50 100 or FCM 50t, but one thing we know for sure that the tank to its mass is quite normal power density of 14 horsepower per ton.

Of the remaining parameters should be allocated review in the 380m, which is the standard for almost all tanks.

If you intend to get this Tanchiki, you have to know what hardware and equipment is best suited.

Equipment .
FV201 (A45). Стоит ли? universal choice is to install the loading rod, which will reduce so fast recharge, ventilation, and to improve the weight parameters of the tank and the third is desirable to put a vertical stabilizer aiming to reduce variation in the movement and more information on the site soon.

Equipment .
FV201 (A45). Стоит ли? Standard Kit: Kit, first aid kit and a fire extinguisher. If you like you can put Donato gold renovated with first-aid kit and a pudding with tea, for even greater efficiency in the battle of the tank.

As a result, we can say that the characteristics can say one thing and show itself in a battle tank can be quite different. Naturally the effectiveness of the tank depends on the rectitude of your hands, but also a fine line between dull and imbovostyu can rise or decrease. If you have free time, energy and nerves, this tank is superfluous in your hangar, and perhaps even become your favorite. We can only wish you good luck and good luck in his delivery. See you soon!

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