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Hello Warriors,

I’m so sunburned, battered and bee stung (Note to self: Do not wear a shirt with flowers near the wilderness while waving your sweet scented luscious long hair!) after the annual Tank day from The Military Technical Museum Lešany . Was a very good day with some interesting tanks, decided at last minute to go, just to be able to see their IS-3 being driven as it only happens once a year (and yes, in my mind seeing a tank being driven even for mere minutes is worth all the hassle) but will be doing a writing more about it soon.
Anyways, this is my first time in over a week that I’ve actually managed to sit down and relax with actually nothing to do (been keeping myself a very busy one by choice), and is about goddamn time I make a update about the FV3805 Restoration Project in the blog (been giving most updates via Livestream), so lets start:

  Volunteering day confirmed The first volunteer day has been confirmed for 19 September, 2015.
Like said before, no qualifications or previous experience is required but if you do then ever better.

The Wight Military & Heritage Museum is allowing volunteers to stay and camp overnight on the grounds and there are vehicles and other militaria to see with vehicle rides too.
No pledged ammount is required to participate.
If you are interested email fv3805restoration@gmail.com.

Raisefunding Live stream We manage to raise over 2K British pounds on the first raisefunding livestream, Jingles was very kind to join in for the fun. Thank you everyone that supported and came along!

While in New York, ‘Merica Jingles and I got a idea for another livestream, for months he has been trying to convince me to play Alien Isolation so he can watch as a sick little pleasure but always said blatantly no. I’m thinking about doing it, for a good cause. There will be a twist to it and you will be involved, will tell more details in the future if you want it to happen.

If you are fresh meat in the blog and have no idea what the heck I just wrote about then hop on this link: http://ritastatusreport.blogspot.cz/2015/08/fv3805-restoration-project.html

Other links:
FV3805 Kickstarter
FV3805 Facebook Page

Thank you everyone.

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