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after a tsunami wave of complaint about the FV4202 (P) poor stats, Wargaming has decided to improve it and the changes will take place in 9.14. The exact changes will be appearing on the 9.14 official path notes in a couple days.

Talking about 9.14, the test server is now back on! First server is still offline for the time being but the second is activated and with a long queue.

And third, if it reached to the English community a Q&A from a World of Tanks event in “Lviv”. I have to warn its contents are complete “bullshit”, multiple and sturdy sources have warned me in advance, hence why I didn’t bothered to ask Ivan to translate it for you and instead enjoy Valentines Day, which I hope, you have too!

That’s all folks! Will keep on making updates like these to you while pouring the usual content out.

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