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Game mechanics: ram updating 9.4

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Tank Container – a tactic tank battle, designed to incapacitate the enemy armor by the collision.

In the history of armored troops known many cases of battering ram. The first documented case of the use of this dangerous tactical reception took place during the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939) in a battle near the settlement Seseña, near Madrid. The crew of the T-26 under the command of Lieutenant K. Osadchii ram destroyed tankette Phalangists.

Later armored battering rams are often used on the battlefield. In real combat conditions, it was extremely risky move, are equally dangerous for both the enemy tank, and for the initiator of the collision. Therefore, as a rule, containers used only in case of emergency when no choice.

In reality game World o f Tanks Tank Container – a much more widespread phenomenon. Guaranteed Inflicts the opponent in a collision is often used as the last argument in the duel of the two tanks. There are also a curious situation where inexperienced players in the pursuit of “frag” cut into the heavier and armored opponent with fewer points of strength, which leads to the destruction of their own war machine.

For successful ram is important to take into account not only the weight of the book and his tank, but similar characteristics enemy machine that you are going to ram – only so will result in the destruction of the enemy encounter, not an embarrassment.

The game tanks often face. Sometimes this is the result of an intentional ramming, and sometimes just random “accidents” involving allies. And each time the calculation is made of damage inflicted by the participants of a collision. Let’s see how this works now and what changes are waiting for him in the update 9.4.

Game mechanics: ram

When two tanks in their interaction is determined total area contact armor of both machines.

Then, in the total surface of contact server is determined by calculations application point of damage indicating the armor of each tank involved in a collision, the place through which will take damage.

Location point of application of the damage depends on many variables such as the direction of movement of equipment, the total area contact armor tanks, location of the center of mass concrete machine. In the calculations, the value of the damage done by the collision of the tank used value booking directly at point of damage without taking into account the reduced armor.

After determining total contact surface and application point of damage on the server calculates the damage of each of the tanks involved in the collision. When calculating the value of the damage of the following factors for each participant collision:

  • weight;
  • speed at the time of the collision;
  • the availability of equipment, “Ballistic shot down”;
  • presence of an additional skill “Master ram” in the driver;
  • indicator booking at the point of application of damage
  • the presence of screens.

Update 9.4

In patch 9.4 operating principle rams will be finalized in order to give more realism to the game. Specifically, the dependence of the value will increase significantly damage the thickness of the armor in the collision. Thus, striking his forehead against the armored hull of his tank in the stern and other vulnerable points of the enemy machine, you will inflict more damage than when confronted head-on. At the same time the damage taken by your tank, if such an attack will decrease.

Be careful when passing a base and correctly apply the ram in battle!

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