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Hello Warriors,

There are some extra official 9.12 updates that EU gave and RU didn’t:

Centurion Action X added as a replacement for the FV4202* FV4202 rebalanced as a Tier VIII Premium tank More tanks reworked for HD Changes in the US tech trees for some low-Tier vehicles Added a mission for obtaining the Tier VIII Premium FV4202*

The mission will be available exclusively to Centurion X owners. More details coming soon. The “Customisation bonuses system removed ” part that EU wrote, although it does not match with the RU version its correct, they forgot to explain that the bonus system was removed, the INTERFACE however remains, hence why its on the Test Server. Cleared this for you before any questions could arise.

Other Features (from RU): http://ritastatusreport.blogspot.co.uk/2015/11/general-912-features.html

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