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Update 0.9.4

As part of the general test became available a special client version of World of Tanks 0.9.4, which is designed only to play on the test server.

On a test server continues testing regime “fortified area.” How to take part, you can see link .

For more information about “fortified area” Answers to frequently asked questions [1999013 ] Section offline


What’s new in version 0.9.4?

1 has made significant improvements and changes in the mode of “fortified area”: ​​

  • Building a fortified area and its pumping to level 10, inclusive. [ 1999044]
  • Construction of buildings, producing reserves (bonuses), and pumping up to level 10, inclusive.
  • Ability to set the period for its defense of the fortified area.
  • Ability to attack the fortified area of ​​the other clans .
  • will also be available to all the functionality of the fortified area, which is generally the game client.

2 Format of team fights. The main goal – to do battle in this mode even more exciting and entertaining. Overview of the changes is here .

3 A new historical map “Stalingrad” (not available on the first general test).

[1999006 ]


image [ 1999008]


General information about the test upgrade 0.9.4


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To become a member of testing, you need to:


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Pay attention to certain features of the test Server:


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It is important to:


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topics in the forum to discuss the test update 0.9.4


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“Team Deathmatch”


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