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Get a Boost in Battle
2017-01-23 17:00:00 / News

Update 3.5 includes a new feature that increases XP earning and improves consumable cooldown times, called “Boosters.”

Equipping a Booster will increase earnings in battle or decrease the cooldown time for consumables. At first, you’ll see four types of Boosters (Combat XP, Free XP, Crew XP, and Cooldown Booster), but we’ll also have Credit Boosters in the future.

Getting a Boost Missions

When Update 3.5 drops, some battle missions will begin to offer Boosters as rewards for completion. Check out the mission descriptions for full details.


You can purchase packs of Boosters for Gold:

Medium Combat XP Boosters (+60%): 10 for 240, 50 for 1,150, or 100 for 2,250 Medium Free XP Boosters (+350%): 10 for 120, 50 for 575, or 100 for 1,075 Medium Crew XP Boosters (+150%): 10 for 100, 50 for 480, or 100 for 950 Universal Booster Pack: 100 Medium Combat XP Boosters, 100 Medium Free XP Boosters, and 100 Medium Crew XP Boosters for 4,200 To get you started once Update 3.5 is available, you’ll find three Boosters of each type in Storage! Events

You’ll also be able to receive Boosters as prizes in competitions, game events and tournaments. These Boosters may be more powerful than regular Boosters — so keep eyes open for event info!

How Boosters Work

The “Boosters” menu will appear in the upper left corner of the Garage.

You’ll have four slots, one for each stat improved by Boosters. You’ll also be able to see information about the effects of Boosters and Premium time, and the maximum possible bonuses. Boosters can be removed or replaced here.

Things to Know All equipped Boosters activateat the start of battle. Boosters are counted as “used” even if you lose server connection or enter the battle with no consumables. Bonuses from XP Boosters are not multiplied by other XP multipliers, instead the values are added up. Booster earnings are shown on the post-battle results screen (see below). Cooldown Boosters decrease consumable cooldown time. For example, if a consumable’s cooldown time is 90 seconds and you equip a 15% Cooldown Booster, the total cooldown time will be 78.26 seconds (90 / (1+0.15) = 78.26). Cooldown Boosters affect all consumables equipped in battle.

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