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Get Ready for a “New Start”
2017-02-21 20:00:00 / News

Starting with Update 3.6, we’re rolling out a new concept called “seasons.” Each season will feature new items and content unified under a single theme. The first season celebrates the arrival of French tanks in Blitz — we’re calling it “New Start.”

Seasonal Medals

There’s two medals to earn during “New Start”

“New Start Participant Commemorative Token:” Play at least one battle during New Start  “New Start Champion Commemorative Token:” Play at least 500 battles during New Start

“Full Forward” Camouflage

Celebrate the new season with French flag themed camouflage! Earn it one of two ways:

Unlock with Gold. Price varies from 65 to 1,200 depending on tier Complete battle missions. “Battlefield Camouflage,” “Extra Concealment,” “Invisible Warrior,” and “Milestone Camouflage” gets you the Full Forward camo on the vehicles used to complete them. If that vehicle already has the camo, you get 20,000 A New Event

A new in-game event offers lucky tankers the chance to win French Premium tanks. Check back tomorrow for more details!

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