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Get Rewarded for Valiant Effort
2016-10-27 17:00:00 / News
Valiant Effort Pays Off!

Every player sees at least a few battles where thee team just couldn’t get it together. Update 3.3 introduces a new feature that rewards the losing team’s most effective players with Credits and XP. It’s our way of recognizing players who excelled, even if their team didn’t clinch it.

To qualify for the Valiant Effort reward, you’ll need to earn at least one of the following medals:

Any of the Epic medals “Brother in Arms” “Crucial Contribution” (Platoons) “Battle Hero”

Update 3.3 also gets new Battle Hero achievements: “Sniper Tanker” and “High Caliber.” The previous  “Sniper” achievement is moving to Honorary Ranks and will no longer be awarded.

Valiant Effort rewards can be granted to several players on a team, and bonus XP will be considered when awarding Mastery badges.

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