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Girls und Panzer Pz.IV Anko Special Event!
2016-01-12 17:00:00 / Events
Battle Your Way to a Free Tank!

Here’s your chance to add a special Premium tank to your Garage just for winning batles! Rack up enough victories and you’ll receive the Panzer IV Ankō Special, as seen in the anime series Girls und Panzer. Starting Thursday, January 14, you’ll have one week to earn the requisite 50 victories and add this unique tank to your collection!

What is Girls und Panzer?

In the Japanese animated series Girls und Panzer, life revolves around sensha-do, a high school sport where girls battle it out using WWII-era tanks. The underdogs of the Oarai Girls High School sensha-do team are all inexperienced tankers, save for Miho Nishizumi, who comes from a long line of sensha-do experts. The 12-episode TV series follows the struggles of Nishizumi as she attempts to mold her under-equipped and unexperienced team into serious competitors in time for the national sensha-do championships.

The acclaimed series proved to be extremely popular in Japan when it was released in 2012, resulting in numerous comic spinoffs, novels, and a feature film.

Hook Yourself an Anglerfish

The Panzer IV Ankō Special is Nishizumi’s tank in the series and represents its final form with spaced armor sideskirts. If you’re curious, “ankō” is the Japanese word for “anglerfish.”

The Ankō Special performs the same as the normal Pz.Kpfw. IV Ausf. H in Blitz, but boasts an animation-accurate skin and voices borrowed from the TV series.

Girls und Panzer Battle Mission

Begins Thursday, January 14 05:00 PT / 08:00 ET
Ends Thursday, January 21 16:00 PT / 19:00 ET

Condition: Win 50 battles. Reward: Panzer IV Ankō Special +100% Crew + 1 Garage Slot

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