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Source: http://worldoftanks.asia/ja/news/pc-browser/21/announce-gupmod-special/

Thanks to Jinxed_Katajainen for this one!

Hello everyone,

about a month ago, Wargaming released (for Japanese audience only, although technically anyone could get it) another modpack for Girls und Panzer in limited amount (30 thousand downloads). This modpack contained some emblems and skins from GuP (some odd Russian symbol for the “Russian” school if I understand it correctly). Here’s the promotion video.


Unfortunately, the even was not without a screwup, as Jinxed explains:

“- Not only the voice mods but the whole /audio folder, bloating the archive to 1.3GB
– They couldn’t just instruct the users to copy the /audio folder to res_mods
– Some strange XML files that were probably not needed
– Skins copied from Torys’s packs.. no credit given in the readme
– Skins include old versions that need a file name change ‘_AM’ removed to work (Matilda, Ferdinand)
– Skins also include SD versions of now HD models and don’t work (M3 Lee, IS)
– Fuzzy and/or artefacted image files for the crew. Also no explanation that replacing them would make the crews randomly show up and not in their respective crew positions.

On top of this, the downloads were limited to the first 30,000 users starting at 5:00PM JST, most of the users in Japan seem to have gotten download interrupted and the archive was broken once finished.”

Wargaming as usual.

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