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Hello guys,

lately, I keep getting the requests to actually make For the Record style blog for Armored Warfare or even re-open For the Record with AW content. Well, as I am sure you all understand, it’s not that easy.

For one, there already IS an excellent Armored Warfare blog, the Armored Talk.


It’s run by an American guy, a former soldier if I recall correctly and overly a very nice person to work with and talk to (in other words, an opposite of me). He does an excellent job, better than I ever could with the current workload (free weekends? lol, more like content writing time). Seriously, if you are interested in AW, go check that blog out. If you are not, well, then don’t :)

Now, about FTR. I got shitloads of questions about why on earth did I post that Terminator picture in the previous post. Yea, that’s a good question. At first it was just trolling. But the more I thought about it, the more I wondered if there’s anything I could actually do with FTR. When it comes to World of Tanks, Rita’s doing a pretty good job I’d say – considering she’s been at it for three months and doesn’t speak Russian. In a way she has it way tougher than I did even in the beginning.

So, the question is… what CAN be done? Is there something that would interest you related to tanks, tank history, Armored Warfare, maybe even World of Tanks? I think I’m gonna write some more reviews and notes about the assembly of the Czechoslovak branch in WoT but that’s more like Rita stuff (afterall, the branch is coming relatively soon, 0.9.12 would be my guess).

Anyway, catch you later guys.

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