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Global Map 2.0: first details

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Torque output updated Global Map closer and it’s time to lift the veil secrets and introduce you to the CC 2.0.

When designing a new map of one of the important tasks was the decision of the major problems that now face the players.

More provinces – more space

Now the number of clans that play in tournaments landing, greatly exceeds the number of available provinces, making the competition is incredibly strong.

A new map has a flexible architecture, and if necessary, we can extend it to virtually unlimited number of provinces: two, five, ten times more!

landed all

On the current map to capture the province clan must go vysadochnyj tournament no room for error, to spend on fighting a long time, but ultimately there is no guarantee of success.

On the updated Global map , in addition to a larger number of provinces, will be introduced a new way of getting the card, and you can be, as before, to seize territory in landing tournaments.

Choose the state of the art

The recent introduction additional regions for technology VIII level showed great interest in players to take part in the fighting in this format.

Global map of the next generation will have regions with the prior art, the same fights in raids: VI, VIII, X. Accordingly, the yield will vary and opportunities.

will be interesting

With the exception of campaigns and other gaming events, which are held less frequently and regularly due to current architectural features, the map does not set clans before the ultimate goal.

Global Map 2.0 has a completely new architecture, which will allow her to work her on seasonal patterns. Each season clans will be able to fight for the victory and special prizes.

Other innovations

The chips are no longer needed, they will be replaced division

Division – fully staffed by a number of tanks battle a unit that does not depend on the number of fighters in the clan. Now you do not need to keep the clan inactive players, there is no need to move one chip to the whole, and you can be sure that if the fight was appointed – it will take place.

Division of cards on the fronts

Regions give way to the fronts, each of which will have a custom border, the province, the rules of fights available prior art or even a set of specific machines. Each clan will be able to choose for themselves a convenient front.

New game currency for the Global map – influence

In order to conduct combat operations and perform other operations on the global map, clans will need to influence.
Why do we need it:

  • Landing on the map without landing in tournaments.
  • Purchase and maintenance of divisions, as well as additional modules to them.
  • Investing in the province to increase its profitability.
  • Protection of the province under certain conditions.

Influence can be obtained in two ways:

  1. Fighting on the map : the destruction of the enemy’s division winner receives a portion of its value.
  2. Participation in raids fortified area: Promresurs addition, attacks will bring and influence, the amount of which will depend on the division.
Influence allow clans does not depend on a limited number of pieces and their “frozen” self regulating its activity on the map. Influence also can be accumulated in an unlimited number, which will give an opportunity to plan long-term operation.

It is worth paying attention to the fact that the effect can not be purchased for game gold, or exchanged for Promresurs loans.

The new interface and the visual component

In addition to technical changes and innovations mechanics, the card will be radically redesigned both visually and in terms of convenience. Navigation will be more convenient to be added a lot of new information, flexible filters, as well as a system of tooltips.

Take a look at the screenshots of ready-made elements. That is how soon will look Global map!

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