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New regions: North America and the Arctic Circle – are already available on the Global Map!


April 8th Global map expanded to 331 province. Battles in the North American region and the Arctic Circle yet to be carried out only on five maps: “ Ensk”, “Steppe”, “Cliff”, “Mines” and “Live Oaks.” New regions are divided into 11 time zones – from 12:00 to 22:00 (GMT).

Clans, who are still could not take part in the battles on the Global Map of the lack of high-level technology, or a small number of fighters, can now do it: in new regions Global Map war is being waged on the technique VIII level!

8 April at 7:00 (MSC) in all provinces of new regions were declared rebellion and all provinces have become available for the landing. Riots take place on the standard rules of the Global Map, and to capture the province must go into battle with the clan [NPC] Civilians .

Changes in Global rules card for the regions North America and Arctic Circle
  • The technique used: I-VIII .
  • Maximum number of tanks in the team: 10 .
  • Fighting in these regions does not affect the ELO-rating Global map clan ranking (eGM).
  • In these regions are unavailable clan job .
Please note! April 8 from 7:00 (MSC) recruitment scout was free throughout the Global Map.

North America Arctic Circle

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