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We are pleased to announce the launch of the project wgtravel.ru . This is a unique joint service company Wargaming and CIS largest tourist holding UTS Group.

Players can now pick up in a few minutes airline tickets and book a hotel anywhere in the world. You will see a huge database of travel offers at competitive market prices. But most importantly – for each journey calculated nice and very significant “gold” bonus in World of Tanks.

Use the service can be anyone. To do this go to the site , select the desired service and enter an email address that is bound to a game account Wargaming.net ID. Within five business days after returning home for the traveler’s account will be credited with an impressive amount of gold that can be usefully spend game ! At the same time, you decide to include your e-mail or to make a surprise to a friend by writing in his field of e-mail.

The higher cost of purchased travel services, the more gold you get the game.

For the convenience of users on the site will operate a special clock telephone support line.

Company UTS Group is accredited by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) and has direct agreements with more than 70 leading Russian and foreign airlines. It has contracts with 125,000 hotels in 235 countries, sells tickets for 420 airlines around the world. [1,999,004]

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