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World of Tanks – free online shooter. Anyone can download the game client and take part in large-scale tank battles just half a minute after the start of the game, try out the machines themselves as the legendary World War II, and test prototypes, do not leave the territory of the test sites.

Perseverance and good game will allow you to pump up the car of any class and level, without spending a dime. However, with the help of small investments – micro-transactions – you have the opportunity to make their lives in World of Tanks is not only exciting, but also more comfortable. For real money you will see valuable game currency – gold, which will simplify your development in the game.

What gives the player the gold?

Premium Account

Premium account – the most popular buy among virtual tank. His presence will provide a 50 percent increase in the earned credits and experience for each battle, and thus will quickly achieve the desired combat vehicle in the tree development and save time spent on pumping. You can buy a premium account for a period of one day to two years. Premium account gives:

50% more experience for each battle,
50% more credit for every fight,
clean and spacious hangar.

«Золото» в World of Tanks

Sharing in the game credits

Sometimes tanks and modules studied the players do not have enough credits to buy them. The first exit in such a situation – spend a few more fights and get enough credit. Second – quick and easy – to transfer gold loans and then go shopping for new clothes.

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Translation experience

The machine, whose tree pumping fully open, acquires the status of an elite. This means that the accumulated experience on it by using the gold in free to translate and transmit it to pump at any of the hundreds of tanks that are present in the game.

«Золото» в World of Tanks

Premium tanks

Premium tanks – is another important element in the “food chain» World of Tanks. These tanks are available only for gold. They exist in the same modifying immutable, and they have no super-powerful guns and impenetrable armor, but they differ as follows:

unique technique that does not need to investigate,
more credits for each battle (except M60 tanks, VK 72.01 (K) and “Object 907”)
50% bonus to the experience of the crew; [1,999,017 ] higher coefficient on the basis of combat experience,
elite status, giving the opportunity to translate military experience earned in free with the first bout,
change the crew with the same type of equipment without charge and retraining;
possibility of accelerated training of the crew first battlefield.

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crew training

When buying a tank you hire the crew, who will have to drive the car, charge the gun, shoot the enemies and transmit their coordinates allies. From the crew determine the effectiveness of your steel horse. You can freely choose the tankers that have passed intensive courses (50% ownership of the main specialty) or for credits to hire graduates of Tank school (75%). With gold, you can invite the crew, who graduated from a tank academy and has mastered the basic specialty is 100%, which means that your tank will be most effective from the first fight.

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Extra slots in the hangar

Each virtual tank officer in the presence of a spacious hangar that can accommodate up to six combat units. What do you do when all the seats are occupied their favorite cars, but the park tanks like to expand? Use gold to buy additional parking spaces, which will be able to supply more steel recruits.

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piercing projectiles and cumulative

, and cumulative-piercing projectiles different from conventional or ultra-high armor-piercing increased damage. They will be useful in the conduct of the fight against heavily armored opponents, causing damage where conventional projectile ricocheted off or not be able to penetrate the armor. You can purchase these missiles are not only gold, but also for the loans.

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Premium gear

outfit – a one-off game items used during the battle for the repair of damaged modules, treatment of disabled members of the crew or to improve the performance of equipment. In World of Tanks, and there is a standard premium equipment. Premium equipment is more efficient and can be purchased as for gold, and for the loans.

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Retraining crew

Each member of the crew is specially trained for a particular tank. If you want to assign it to another tank, you have to relearn it. To do this, click on the “Education” in the personal tank driver, select the desired training course. Regimental School and accelerated courses to help retrain crew members on the new technology, but with the loss of a percentage of his professional experience. You can train to another tankman armor without losing the experience, choosing courses Tank Academy – in this case, the tanker will take training for a new tank, retaining all the earned experience.

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Expansion Barracks

In the game gold, you can always expand the barracks, leaving even more room for the crew members.

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Dismantling equipment

equipment – these are additional devices for tanks with certain advantages, but have a high cost. Nonremovable equipment marked with a lock icon in the game. However, over 10 gold it can be removed, which means that it will not be destroyed. You will be able to put the dismantled equipment to another tank.

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Replacement documents crew

When hiring tank you do not know what names they bestowed life. Someone, for example, may be very upset by the name Mazyuk gunner. To fix this, go to “Documents” in the personal tanker and a change of its name to more attractive.

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camouflage divided into three groups: winter, summer and deserted, for the same price. On one tank can be installed one at a time from each group camouflage. Before the battle, depending on the type of card, to automatically set the correct tank camouflage, which now has a practical value – gives + 5% in disguise.

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Players can replace the standard markings (Soviet stars, crosses, German and so on. D.) To other logos. The choice represented by several dozen posters in four categories:

flags and coats of arms.

Depending on the design of combat vehicles can be applied one or two emblems.

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You can choose from several dozen inscriptions for each of the nations in the game. At the moment, there is only one category – historical inscriptions made in the appropriate languages. When the mouse on the word can read a translation into Russian. Depending on the design of combat vehicles can be applied one or two inscriptions.

The tank each nation can only add an inscription in the appropriate language. The exception is the inscription on the German machines, “Please give up all” written in Russian.

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Creating a Clan

Clan wars already in full swing. Dozens of clans divided the Global Map World of Tanks in the zone of influence, areas that have been the object of fierce tank battles. Gather your squad and take part in a tank redivision of the world by creating their own armored empire.

«Золото» в World of Tanks

Change the user name

If you for some reason ceased to like your username or you just come up with a more appropriate name of the game and want to be called World of Tanks that’s right – you can use the “Change the user name”, available for the game gold.

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