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Now remove You can not just in the hangar for the first victory, but in the Premium product for the first payment.

C June 1 9:00 (GMT) operates a unique event, “Gold Rush.” For your first purchase since the start of the shares is charged to you for free bonus Gold corresponding to the value of the purchased package, but not exceeding the equivalent of $ 10. To participate in the action can any player, it does not matter, he made the purchase earlier or not.

acts as a bonus when buying a package in the Premium shop and the game gold when you pay through the terminals.

Examples of how this works:

1. The first package that you have purchased since the start of the action, it’s – “14 days of premium account” cost $ 7.19. As a bonus, you will be credited with an additional game gold by the same amount – $ 7.19.

2. You bought a package “2500 gold” cost $ 10. In the game account will be credited with double the amount of gold, that is. E. 5000

3. Your choice fell on the bag «L & ouml; we» , which costs $ 50. After buying it, you will be credited with the maximum possible amount of bonus gold (equivalent to $ 10) – 2500

Note: The “Gold Rush” does not apply to packages with a discount, gifts,
SMS-payments and pre-orders. Detailed terms of offers are placed in Rules Premium shop .

Recall that all activity in the current World of Tanks you can learn from Calendar of Events .

The time to strike gold is hot!

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