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completed by the fourth game of the week in the prestigious division Wargaming.net League!

Na`Vi in the pursuit

The main favorites started the season later than other teams, but rapidly reduce the gap between the leaders . Militia Anatoly Barakova aka TheAnatolich wins victory after victory, crushing all opponents in their path. On February 14 the main match of the week were mercilessly beats direct competitors Arcade .

Members are still at

Team who came in offseason from Silver Series, still show a very decent game three of the six best teams in the league played last season ranked below.

NSS Team are failing

best rookie season NSS Team started to play worse. Recently guys gave informative interview , and then lost two games in a row.

Standings Table

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The main game day – February 14

On February 14 the main game day of the week. The first opening act were neighbors in standings 4GP and EVG must match went very persistent and interesting.

Central same round match held between the leaders of a tournament team, who went undefeated from round to round – Na`Vi and Arcade . To the surprise of the audience could not fight here: champions of the world react to the most serious opponent and defeated him with a score of 5: 0.

best moments

Matches February 13

February 13 their matches have had to spend mastodons League HR and Na`Vi . Unfortunately, the team WePlay was not able to put a full part of the match and received a forfeit loss. Na`Vi also expect an easy walk and clearly underestimated the enemy. Naoshibavshis enough, the world champions have allowed RoX.KIS a fight from which still emerged victorious.

best moments

Matches February 12

On February 12 there were two match between the bottom of the table. RoX.KIS play this season is just awful, and losing team Shadows with a score of 5: 2 proof. “Roxy” closes the standings with a fat zero in the victories. 4GP had a great game against Vega Squadron . Before the start of viewers tuning in to a tight fight, but in the end the match was a clear advantage of one of the teams.

best moments

Standings Table

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Matches February 11

On February 11 the two games. And immediately a sensation: the best rookie of the League NSS Team after five wins already suffered a second defeat in a row, the offenders were The Young Lions . World Champions Na`Vi continue to chase the leaders after a comfortable victory over WP.SC6 .

best moments

Description of command WP.TYL :

With a team NSS we know firsthand, we already have a small history of the relationship. In the offseason, we are with them not only practiced often, but once met in an official match – in the final tournament MCS Open, in which we unfortunately lost. Team NSS quite uncomfortable and unpleasant (in the good sense of the word) for the opponents. Mindful of the defeat in the final of the tournament of the above, we will try to upset them today.

Comment from the team Vega Squadron :

Hello! On Thursday, February 12th we will play with the team 4GP – experienced and serious contender. We tried to consider all our mistakes, analyze the past games and devote more time to training. We hope that the effort will lead us to victory and will allow us to move up the standings.

Comment from the team SC6 :

This week we will have only one match, but what! We will play with Na`Vi . This will be a very interesting fight, cheer for us!

You can watch the matches, install applications WG Stream .

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all the basic information about the League can be found in Guide Wargaming.net League .

Remember how passed third week Gold Series .

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