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Hello, fans of the tank tournaments!

will take place on February 28, the main game, the sixth day of the week Wargaming.net League.

first, check each other on the strength of successful newcomers League NSS Team and Santa Claus and Six Deers . But the main fight of the week to hold together the team, Bob each other for direct access to the LAN-finals – HellRaisers take Arcade . In fact, this is the game for six points!

Broadcast started – at 19:00 Moscow time on the news, in our Twitch-channel and Online Leagues .


Comments before the match

Oberst_Fuchs team player Arcade :

Speaking before the match does not need anything, just look at the standings. If we want to avoid round of the playoffs, we need to win. Certainly HR – the strongest team, but who is to say that the first place come easy?

_YR_, team manager HellRaisers

Meeting with a strong opponent always interesting, this is an excellent opportunity to understand what you really stand. I am sure that both teams will be playing at their best, as on the results of this meeting depends on who will be held at LAN -final directly, and who have to play a round of the playoffs.

Standings Table

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The third game day – February 27

In the first match Friday’s clash between teams from the bottom of the standings: WePlay took Vega . This fight was almost the last chance to leave the relegation zone, and for the chance to team fought to the last: difficult to win a tiebreaker for WePlay .

In the second match of the tournament leaders agreed Na`Vi and the strongest of the Rookie League WP.TYL . World champions this time reacted to the opponent with the utmost seriousness and managed to win the class.


The best moments

The second game day – February 26

No sooner had 4GP recover from a crushing defeat in a match with HellRaisers last Saturday, as of fire immediately hit the frying pan: they waited for a meeting with Na`Vi . Despite the formidable opponent, the guys showed great game, almost bringing the match to a tie-break.

The result of the second match was less predictable. NSS Team started the season very cheerful, but much closer to the end gave up with former rivals to win easily they no longer work. RoX.KIS just inspired yesterday’s game with a convincing Vega Squadron imposed rivals struggle with the first bout and managed to win.

best moments
The first game day – February 25

On Wednesday, held two match and the result of both can be called unexpected. The battle between neighbors in the standings EVG and Shadows expected to be very intense, but resulted in a fairly easy victory Champions Silver Series. The second match brought even more unexpected result – defeat Vega Squadron from RoX.KIS with a score of 2: 5. The first victory of the “Roxy” in season!


best moments

Opinion of the week

Team Manager Na`Vi Dmitry Repin aka de1uxe :

Our last match was not quite smooth – allow too many mistakes, and opponents are well tuned to us. We conclude, therefore plan this week to play more confident. Do not miss our games!

Team Captain WP.TYL Sergey Kutuzov aka stam71 :

In the last round, we unfortunately lost, much to weaken their chances in the fight for 3-4 places. Now we need to win the remaining two matches. What to say about N a`Vi ? About them it’s all said many times, will not be repeated. We have to win, no other choice, so we will try.

Team Captain WP.SC6 Eugene Ryazanov aka SANTACLAUS :

At this point, the team takes fifth place standings. We suffered two defeats against teams Na`Vi and Arcade , where we lacked a bit of experience and luck to win.

The main task – to get into the top four, it will greatly simplify our position in the playoffs. To do this you need to win the remaining two matches against NSS T eam and Ro X.KIS . Fights are coming responsible, it is unlikely they will give us a little blood.

all the basic information about the League can be found in Guide Wargaming.net League .

Remember how passed fifth week Gold Series .

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