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June 20 and 21 you are waiting for the second week matches of the Premier Division Wargaming.net League 2015-2016 year. In addition, before the start of the main draw will be held gaming division Silver Series, which starts on 22 June!

Games next few days promise to be very tense: almost all pairs of rivals appear close to the level. Natus Vincere on this tour do not expect an easy walk: a comfortable win in the first round NSS Team showed that they are in great shape. On Sunday the team will play with each other, take 3-4 place in the group stage of last season’s League Arcade and WePlay . Stay with us at the weekend, it will be interesting!

Broadcast started on June 20 at 17:00 Moscow time on our Twitch-channel and Online League . [1,999,004]

June 20 at 17:00 (Moscow time) will draw Silver Series. Gold Series Matches begin at 18:00 (GMT).



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League Commentator Paul Rillion Shabalin:

In each meeting, with the exception of matches Na`Vi and HR very difficult to name a favorite. This weekend we will find out exactly how well the team prepared for the season. The real test of strength – the main characteristic of the second round.

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