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Gold Series. The second week


June 20 and 21 you are waiting for the second week matches of the Premier Division Wargaming.net League year 2015-2016 . In addition, before the start of the main draw will be held gaming division Silver Series, which starts on 22 June!

[1,999,016] Games next few days promise to be very tense: almost all couples rivals appear close to the level. Natus Vincere on this tour do not expect an easy walk: a comfortable win in the first round NSS Team showed that they are in great shape. On Sunday the team will play with each other, take 3-4 place in the group stage of last season’s League Arcade and WePlay . Stay with us at the weekend, it will be interesting!

Broadcast started on June 20 at 17:00 Moscow time on our Twitch-channel and Online League .

June 20 at 17:00 (Moscow time) will draw Silver Series. Gold Series Matches begin at 18:00 (GMT).



[1,999,016] [1,999,017]

[1,999,049] Scoreboard [1,999,008 ]

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League Commentator Paul Rillion Shabalin :

In each meeting, with the exception of matches Na`Vi and HR very difficult to name a favorite. This weekend we will find out exactly how well the team prepared for the season. The real test of strength – the main characteristic of the second round.

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