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Hello, Dear players. This article, we decided to dedicate consumables, but not simple, and gold. I’m sure you all know that goldovoe gear more functional and useful than normal, but this comes at decent pay. All in the game there are 11 of these consumables are: Large Kit Large first aid kit, fire extinguisher Automatic, 105-octane gasoline, Doppaek, Chocolate, Box Cola Superior diet, Strong Coffee, tea pudding, Onigiri at what 7 can be attributed to one type of equipment. And now for the details of each.

Big Kit
Big Consumable Kit is that in contrast to the small repair kit that can fix just one came out of the work unit, restores all at once. It is useful to use it after your Artillery Splash bring several modules at once. HP over not recover, but to fix all of the modules and you can continue the fight by pressing just one button. For a lot of fun to have to pay: 20 000 silver and 50 gold. These consumables are often used in the Civil Code, in KB, in companies and in e-sports, but randomness is quite a small percentage of those who carries with him the Big Kit. Also note that Consumable gives us + 10% speed repair modules that just are not important enough. As the saying goes, “a trifle, but nice.”

Much kit
Large kit – a direct analogy Big Kit, because it also can cure all victims of shell shock crew members. The cost of this same 50 gold and 20,000 silver. Similarly to the previous representative of the gold outfit we have + 15% protection from kantuzii entire crew that the same is not even bad. Just as with the Big Rem, it is advantageous to use in contact with artillery or other vysokokalibernogo landmines (eg 183 FV 215b) when the splash or getting displays several members of the crew.

Automatic fire extinguisher
Briefly and clearly describe the Consumable say that automatic fire extinguisher just simply without pressing any keys automatically extinguishes the fire began in the tank, as well as giving us a 10% probability of a fire. And to get that repair kit or first aid kit, but automatic fire extinguisher try to carry more often, because concussions crew and disabling modules come in almost every fight, but obviously you burn less, so 20,000 to spend on it every 10-20 fights not so much.

105-octane gasoline [1,999,009] This Consumable very strong in use, but there is one big disadvantage – it is completely depleted within 1 fight and goes to the next, we need once again to pay 50 gold, or 20,000 Credit for this pleasure. A pleasure is + 10% of engine power and speed of the tower, that is, if our tank is 1000 liters / sec and the rotation of the tower at a rate of 50 deg / s, with gasoline will have 1100 horses and 55 deg / s rotation tower. Say little, but the test can be seen as in any way but that this gasoline is very indispensable if we want to take what the position of the first, or can be a shining example of lesson slides at the mine. But it is up to you to use the Consumable or not.

Doppaek “specials. equipment of every nation “
In fact it is a unique name Doppaek special equipment for the nation the Soviet Union, but this is the name of all the special equipment, both on the American Coke and the Japanese onigiri. All these equipment 7 for each nation, we of course refer to the same species, because they function exactly the same. Buying “doppaek” we give our crew + 10% skills. For example, HF-2 recharging for 20 seconds without doppayka with doppaykom will reload 18 seconds, which is very important for him, and for About. 261 – without soldering 35 seconds, and a ration is 32.5. A lot or a little to you.

In the end, we say that goldovoe equipment is very useful and functional, but it has a hefty price. Having a tidy sum of silver or gold, you probably will not be discouraged about the prices for these consumables.

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