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Goose Tales FAQ
2017-03-31 17:00:00 / News
How Do I Get a Premium Tank?

The M6A2E1 and M6A2E1 are earned in the following ways:

Collect the required number of Pins and/or Twin Pins to complete special stages that will reward you with them Randomly receive them in a chest on the Goose Tales site Use Gold to complete the special stages that will reward you with them Wait until we add the M6A2E1 to the American tech tree for Gold, in a future update

The M6A2E1 EXP will not be offered as a tech tree Premium vehicle

What If I Get a Tank I Already Own?

You’ll get Credits. 5,200,000 for the M6A2E1 or 8,000,000 for the M6A2E1 EXP.

How Do I Buy Chests?

Purchase chests on the Goose Tales site using Red Coupons, Blue Coupons, or 600.

Open the event stage in the game client and tap on “Get your tanks on the portal!” You can also access the site using wotblitz.com, but you’ll have to enter your Wargaming.net ID.

No Wargaming.net ID? In the Blitz client, open the sidebar menu and select “Account.” You’ll be able to create a new Wargaming.net ID or link an existing Wargaming.net ID to your existing Blitz account.

What Happens When the Event Ends?

Combat Trophies, Steel Containers, and Red and Blue Coupons will disappear after the event ends. Each unused Pin or Twin Pin will be exchanged for 1,734 and 2,667, respectively.

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